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Commented On: $500K Of Cocaine Hidden In A Used Rental Minivan

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What are the chance of the same man being mugged in NY and buying a car full of cocaine in CA??

Commented On: Aston Martin Cygnet Sales Slow, Supply Problems To Blame

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-initial sales have been slow - though rather than disinterest in Aston Martin's controversial "ugly duckling", supply issues are to blame.

er, its the other way round, Doctor.

Commented On: Maserati's Frankfurt Auto Show SUV Concept Leaked?

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you must be joking, maserati ...

Commented On: Bernie Ecclestone Buys Priciest Mansion in U.S. (For His Kid)

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so bernie STILL doesnt realise why he almost got killed?

Commented On: Breaking: EPA Mandate Forces Carmakers To Use Only Round Letters For Better MPGs

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possibly the most complicated april fools joke ever...

Commented On: Video: Stock 2012 Mustang Boss 302 Goes 11.72s @ 117.2 MPH On Drag Radials

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Commented On: Journalist Damages New Ferrari FF On Press Drive: 'F%@#&, Omigod, S%*!, F%@#&'

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well at least they were honest enough to show the whole footage on the web.
car graphic (japanese magazine more known for arrogant staff) recently totalled a gallardo and was severely criticised for trying to hide the whole incident.

Commented On: Spy Shots: BMW M3 Pickup--Not What You Think

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bet a lot of rich americans have rushed for their chequebooks.

Commented On: New Maybach Guard Armored Car Revealed

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let's hope the terrorists don't shoot the wheel hubs.

Commented On: Video: Jason Castriota Defends The Saab PhoeniX From Chris Bangle

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thumbs up for jason.
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