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Commented On: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Average Vehicle Now 11.4 Years Old, Oldest Since WW2

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One is 7 years old the other is 9 years old. I need to have the aforementioned discussion with my mechanic.

But how is this possible. Isn't the SAAR running at 15-16 million cars per year now in the USA. That is near record territory. Shouldn't that be lowering the age of vehicles?

Commented On: Wait, Tesla Owners And Fans Don't Care So Much About Green?

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Ah lies, damn lies, and statistics.

Tesla folks are 8.5 time more interested in fuel economy than the average person yet the article claims there is not much interest in Green. Does not make any sense.

Oh, I see, it only makes sense when comparing them to the Prius people who cannot possibly justify their purchase by saying they are interested in acceleration, so they say they are interested in fuel economy.

As always, you CANNOT determine customer's interests by asking them. It does not work. Review the failures of "conjoint analysis".

But hey we can always pretend this is real data. It has numbers after all.

Commented On: Tesla Earns 'Modest' Q2 Profit, Delivers 5,150 Cars, Boosts Margin On Carmaking

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Awe, where is the traditional zinger at the end of the article where Voelcker cautions us all that Tesla still has a long and difficult road ahead.

Is Tesla's success starting to temper Voelcker's skepticism? Maybe he just didn't have room for it in the article :).

But seriously, well done Tesla on every level.

Commented On: Tesla Model S Gets Five Stars For Crash Safety From NHTSA

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I'm completely distracted by something irrelevant. Are those solar panels in the bottom video right near the impact area?

Commented On: Why 'Compliance Cars' Turned Out To Be Good For Electric-Car Buyers

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I think the key there is probably the word "lease".

The fact that a $42,000 Volt has been leasing for $200 is really a victory for creative financing.

For Buyers (not lessees) comparing the $42,000 Volt economics with a less than $20,000 Chevy Cruze. The numbers are (let's be kind) difficult.

Commented On: Why 'Compliance Cars' Turned Out To Be Good For Electric-Car Buyers

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The article seems a little speculative.
Given that the Volt and LEAF are the majority of the sales volume, I think these cars only compete with themselves and not the compliance-cars.
The initial price of the LEAF and the Volt were simply too high and had to come down to make any meaningful sales numbers. This would be the case with or without compliance cars.
Of course it is possible that GM and Nissan have had to be even more aggressive in price reductions due to compliance cars, but I think the main problem is that the LEAF and Volt prices were simply way too high compared to similar ICE cars.

So too, I think the PiP would be selling better if it wasn't priced so much higher than the standard Prius.

Commented On: 2013 Smart Electric Drive Coupe Lease Price Lowered To $139

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How is that thing in the snow? The price is certainly right.

Commented On: Toyota Hybrid R Concept Due At 2013 Frankfurt Auto Show

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Looking at the Logo, are we sure it isn't the Hybrid-P concept? :)

Commented On: 2014 Chevrolet Volt Price Cut By $5,000, To $34,995

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@John Voelcker Sorry can't dig yourself out of the hole that easily. If your complaint was with the words "base sticker" you didn't make that clear at all in your initial response and you completely neglected the part where he said "after tax credit" in your response.

Nope you seized on a thin opportunity to bring out the old saw again.

I suspect Dave G's. only mistake was saying "base stick price" rather than saying "price" which I am certain he intended to say.

And , BTW, you know what is really "hugely important" is what you actually end up paying for the vehicle. That is to say important for car buyers who live in the real work rather than automotive journalists that pursue semantic arguments.

Commented On: Real-World Gas Mileage Varies By Brand; Honda Does Well, Ford Not So Much

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I think this argument falls a little short. What is the working assumption? that people in Fords drive faster consistently? or is it that they accelerate harder consistently? Neither seems likely.

Looking at the data.
Ford C-Max 188 hp,
Ford Fusion 188 hp , 129 ft-lb
Honda Crz 130 hp , 140
Honda Civic 110 hp, 127
Toyota Prius 98 hp , 105
Toyota Prius 82 hp , 73
So yes the Ford have a lot more power (not sure if it gets used) and underperform EPA numbers. So that might fit your explanation.

However, Honda's have more power than the Prius's and yet performed better in the real world than EPA. This is the opposite of your thesis.
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