Five Ways To Make Your Car Repair Green

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Being kind to the environment doesn’t need to end when you leave home. As consumers we have control over what happens to the earth as a consequence of our purchases. Auto repair is one instance when our choices can have a positive impact. This can be as simple as letting our desires be known to the repair facili...Read more

How Good Is This Used Car?

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Maybe you inherited a car, or possibly you got carried away with your “great find” and purchased a used car without having it checked out. But now, you have to take the guesswork out of evaluating your vehicle--and you need to establish some benchmarks for maintenance and service items going forward, how m...Read more

Will Auto Insurance Pay for This Repair?

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Sometimes the first call you make when your car breaks down should be to your insurance man. If you come out and find two flat tires on the same side of the car – find a good neighbor. If you have a catastrophic loss of motor oil, check with the good hands people. And if you start your car and it sounds like it&...Read more

Auto Repair: No Friend Of State Lawmakers

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The auto repair industry finds itself under assault on a number of fronts. In no fewer than three states, there are legislative efforts being made to earmark auto repair sales as taxable, while in another there is a law that would require repair shops to perform a free service. The reason why politicians consider auto...Read more

How To Know When To Have Your Brakes Checked

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You know how to check your car's other vital systems--oil, tire air, and gas--but what about the brakes? The trouble with brakes is that they can fail anytime. Depending on the type of driving conditions they have been exposed to, their wear rates can drastically differ, too. But if you look for the obvious signs, you...Read more