Getting A Car Repair Right The First Time

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The service department of a large dealership had a unique way to promote quality control. Above the repair area floor, there was a catwalk from which management could oversee the happenings below. On the wall behind the catwalk was a huge banner that read “Fix It Right The First Time.” No, this is not an a...Read more

How To Avoid Buying A Bad Used Car

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Bad used cars can turn what should be a happy occasion--fresh wheels in your driveway--into a nightmare. But buying a used car has all of the pitfalls of buying a new car, plus many of its own, not the least of which is inheriting someone else's problems. “Let your mechanic look it over” is good advice tha...Read more

Just Another Day At The Garage

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There's always tension at an auto repair shop, but not much excitement. The closest anyone gets to an adrenalin rush is when something remarkable is noticed when a car makes it to the lift.  Oddities like a squirrel setting up housekeeping in the air filter housing, or discovering that the little bird sound the c...Read more

Extended Warranty? Not When It's New

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When the new car dealer asks if you want an extended warranty, please say no. It's a little hard to know where to start to describe why the timing just doesn’t make sense, but I’ll try. It is important to know that these are not extended warranties, since the only company that can extend your new car&rsquo...Read more

Toyota Care: Peace Of Mind Or Sales Hype?

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What is Toyota Care and what can it do for you? Since December the car company has been offering "Peace of Mind," a maintenance and roadside assistance plan that's complimentary with the purchase of every new Toyota. The throw-in is represented in their ads by an idyllic couple who are stowed away in the trunk while o...Read more