Test Drive Tips: Acceleration, Braking and Maneuvering

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Continuing our series on test-drive tips, here are some more ways to put your potential new vehicle to the test. Low-Speed Maneuverability Chances are, the dealership where you're shopping has a cramped back parking lot. Instead of waiting for the sales associate to bring the car our front, ask him or her if you can dr...Read more

Cars for Fast Families: Sedans Under $40k

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Here's more on our series of unique, performance-oriented vehicles that are still practical enough for families. This price range includes many entry-level luxury models, as well as fully loaded mid-range brands. Which you choose depends on your attitude: Do you want the top-of-the-line version of a good vehicle, or wo...Read more

Cars for Fast Families: Sporty Wagons

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It’s curious that such a stigma is still attached to the word “wagon.” Perhaps it’s the name that scares people off. After all, that Red Flyer you used to get pulled around in as a kid wasn’t exactly the picture of performance and safety. In Europe, these vehicles are called “estate cars,” a description ...Read more

Test Drive Tips: Cargo and Storage

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Most people don’t know how to take full advantage of a test drive. We drive the car around the block a few times. Maybe even get it up to a decent pace on the freeway. We pop the trunk, look under the hood, and push all the levers and buttons. Maybe we ask a few questions about horsepower or gas mileage. But the trut...Read more

Cars for Fast Families: Sedans Under $30k

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Continuing our series on sporty alternatives for families who don't fit the boring-car sterotype, here are some four-door options for those with a little more dough to spend. 2010 Chevy Malibu It's not like Chevy is a little-known brand. But what might not be so well known is the considerable improvement in the marque'...Read more