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Commented On: Oregon Joins Long Trail Of Pacific Coast Electric Car Charge Stations

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Whats the point of they are going charge people more than gasoline? might as well use gas, at least thats what I saw when I pulled over on a highway stop to get food and gas, i saw a charging station that was charging $$$ lot lots of money to plug in....

Commented On: Chevy Prepares for Volt Production Increase, 60,000 by 2012

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I Hear the volt drops in value fast? this is bad and good, ill be able to buy it later lol, i still dont imagine it dropping too low...

Commented On: Txchnologist: Coast To Coast On Electric Roads Without Stopping?

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1.5 million for 1 mile of road? REALLLYLLYLY? THAT'S A LITTLE MUCH...

Commented On: Txchnologist: 1 Million Electric Cars On U.S. Roads By 2015?

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this comment is wrong i think i read somewhere that its 600 or less per kWh,
the EV will not be comparable until battery costs are $600 or less per kWh, which could occur by 2014

Commented On: Untouchable? Top Gear Exonerated For Racist Comments, What About Tesla?

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I love this car show, but they need to stop bashing electric cars! It's going to one day over take the ice engine!

Commented On: 2011 Tata Indica Vista EV Shown in U.K., On Sale This Summer

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We need this car in the U.S.A!

Commented On: Battery Swap vs Fast Charging: VHS vs Betamax For Electric Cars?

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I work for a Private Ambulance company around Chicago land area, I want to say we easily put 100 -+ Miles on an ambulance in a day, the battery swapping technology would be perfect for that...

Commented On: 2011 Geneva Motor Show: Nissan ESFLOW Concept Live Photos

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Looks lots better than the earlier cgi videos of it... I kinda like it (:

Commented On: Japanese Firm Lets EVs Refill Faster Than a Gas Car

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Not sure if this type of Fast charging is safe on the Battery Packs but it sounds great, this will make EV'S better than gas cars in no time with more improvements in battery tech..

Commented On: Snapped on the Street: Fiat 500 Electric Car Visits Palo Alto

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I'd Be happy with 100 summer miles and 60 more winter miles.... but hope to see cheaper price and more miles in the next few years....
I might buy an ev when im done paying my current car of, KIA Soul (:
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