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Commented On: 2013 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid: Brief First Drive

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But why do these drives take years off your life? Fear?Frustration? Ennui?

Commented On: Does The Tesla Model S Electric Car Pollute More Than An SUV?

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Weiss also conveniently forgets about the carbon-intensive wars to get oil from people who hate us, the energy-wasting clean ups from oil spills, the transportation of oil and gasoline around the planet - as well as the supercharger network and solar panels people are installing on their rooftops. But hey - When you've got an axe to grind (and a short on Tesla stock), those things don't matter.

Commented On: Electric Cars: Eight Important Things Everyone Should Know (But May Not)

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You can always rent a car for longer road trips - and wind can also affect ICE propelled cars.

Commented On: Will New Diesels Be Too Expensive To Make Much Difference?

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Folks have no problem paying more money for more powerful, less efficient, higher-trimline, Premium-Fuel-demanding engines in their Camcords and CUVs - So I don't think people aren't willing to spend more money on a more powerful, more efficient engine. VW and Audi sell all the TDI's they can import - folks in some areas actually have to wait months in order to get one.

Commented On: 2013 Ford Fusion Energi Pricing: Higher Than Chevy Volt After Incentives

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I would have thought it would be comparable in price or slightly less expensive than the Volt due to the Fusion's shared parts with the regular and Hybrid sedans. Think what a coup Ford could have pulled off if they'd kept the price the same as Volt or slightly lower - major Missed Opportunity here.

Commented On: Green Car Reports' Best Car To Buy 2013: Our Six Finalists

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I'm rooting for the Ford Fusion as it is a mainstream and affordable model with the most powertrain choices and flexibility to select from in this group.

Commented On: Tesla Model S Buyers Face Year-End Deadline: $7,500 At Stake

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Either tell Tesla you don't want delivery until after the new year, or come to CA to sign paperwork/take delivery before the end of the year and still have them deliver to you two weeks later in NYC.

Commented On: Renewable Diesel Fuel Shines, Production Surges

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Wait - What's the difference between Renewable Diesel and BioDiesel again? BioDiesel is also made from waste vegetable oils and animal fats....

Commented On: VW Diesel Buyers, Hybrid Buyers: Both Want Fuel Economy, But Beyond That...

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Considering the hybrid doesn't run its ICE constantly during the testing cycle and the TDI's do - Apple vs Oranges

Commented On: If You're Going To Attack Electric Cars, Do Your Homework

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"Author Michael Lynch identifies himself as a researcher for the petroleum industry."

That's all you really needed to say to validate your point.
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