U.K. Onboard For Electric Vehicle Deployment

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The British government has announced a major plan for electric vehicle market penetration. The plan includes a government subsidy of 25 percent (up to £5,000, or $7,654) towards the purchase of an electric vehicle. It also includes the installation of thousands of charging points throughout the country. The grant pro...Read more

$100 Electric Vehicle Tax? State of Washington Should Think Again

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The State of Washington is currently considering a new policy that would implement a new annual registration fee of $100 on electric vehicles. This new fee would be in addition to other registration fees currently assessed on all highway vehicles. Is this a fair policy for electric vehicle owners? Apparently, the Washi...Read more

Plug-In Hybrid Battle Brewing: Chevy Volt vs. BMW vs. Jaguar vs. Fisker

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The Chevy Volt may soon have some competition. This week, both BMW and Jaguar have announced intentions to produce and sell plug-in hybrid models. Each of these models will be based on an extended-range platform, as the Volt is. So, how will they compare? First, in terms of all electric range, the 2011 Chevrolet Volt w...Read more

How Do I Drive My Plug-In Car? New Videos Show How

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Driving an electric car is empowering. No longer are you confined to gas stations for energy - suddenly, any home or business can be considered a possible energy source (depending on how long you would like to charge and how). Now, two new videos have come out that show you just how easy and convenient driving a plug-i...Read more

Are We Ready for a New Kind of Gas Tax?

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On Public Policy Day at the D.C. Auto Show this year, we got wind of some dire news. The Federal Highway Trust Fund is slowly depleting because gas taxes have not been raised in 17 years. While the federal gas tax has remained constant, the spending power of the 18 cents a gallon used for transportation improvements ha...Read more