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Commented On: More Nissan Leaf Battery Loss, Nissan Doesn’t Blink

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I predicted this when I wrote the following for Wired Autopia in 2010 - an article which angered the Nissan reps who insisted there would be no issue.

Commented On: Chevy Steps Up Volt Sales Efforts With 'Quad $0' Lease In California

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Any idea why its only in California? Any plans to expand to other states?

Commented On: Driving Green Means Not Changing Your Oil Until You Need To

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Jiffy Lube must be having a fit

Commented On: Could Fisker Karma's Low MPGs Hurt DoE Car-Tech Loan Program?

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George - you are totally right. The thing that makes no sense on the Karma is that the engine is a 2.0L turbo, the same setup (diff brand) as my EVO that gets 19mpg highway. From day one it made no sense for them to select such an inefficient (and loud) engine for this purpose.

Commented On: Could Fisker Karma's Low MPGs Hurt DoE Car-Tech Loan Program?

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Michael, that's what Solyndra would like you to believe, but their costs and therefore pricing were so high that they were undercut by US producers of Solar as well. So the "killed by the chinese" meme is a convenient cover.

Commented On: Want a 2012 Toyota Rav4 2012 Scion IQ EV? You Won’t Be Able To Buy One (UPDATE)

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I think your speculation at the end of the article is probably right. They are bringing this to market on an unusually fast schedule and my guess is the conservative folks at Toyota still view it as an in-market test of the Tesla approach to battery technology. They've been burned so much recently I imagine they are even more risk averse than usual. Putting the cars in the hands of fleets gets them the ZEV credits they need for compliance with CARB regs anyway.

Commented On: 2010 Detroit Auto Show: The Confusing Wrongness of Electric Avenue

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love the headline John!

Commented On: Want An Electric Vehicle? Wait Until Real Carmakers Build Them

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Aw man...I hate to say I told him so. A few years back Mr. Lyon was razzing a Tesla customer about how the Tesla was delayed and was boasting about his electric PT Cruiser that was being built. The customer emailed me about it and I warned the guy to watch out for Hybrid Technologies. Oh well.

Commented On: DOE Aware of EEStor but Has Never Seen Functioning Technology

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If it's considered news that someone *hasn't* seen EESTORs technology then you can run a new article everyday.

Commented On: DOE Loans Stifling Innovation Industry Wide?

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Eric - thanks for the article but there is one important thing to note. I don't think it is accurate to say "according to a source at Coda Automotive." While I do advise them on various things, the opinions I write as a contributor are my own independent opinions and not generally the opinions of my clients. I think it would be more accurate to say "according to Darryl Siry in an article on"
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