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Commented On: Canada's New Trick: Pavement Patty Kiddie Speed Bumps

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hahaha finally some good thinking without spending billions! like most governments =]. its good because it makes the driver think of it from an emotional point of view not just a rule they have to follow =] very good canada

Commented On: Video: 2011 Audi A7 In Sardinia

Motor Authority 2,015 Views 3 comments
i think this car looks great. very unique, but i think the front should match the sharpness of the tail.. i just think the round shape of the front takes away the coolness of the sharp windows and rear. but still id buy this car its cool =]

Commented On: 2011 Lincoln MKX: First Drive

Motor Authority 3,002 Views 1 comment
it reminds me of a mazda cx-9..

Commented On: Report: Saab 9-2 To Ride MINI Platform, Built By BMW

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what dumb face put a saab grill on a subaru imprezza haha, but i cant wait to see what this car will really look like =]

Commented On: Report: Mercedes-Benz Working On Nine-Speed Automatic

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ohh geez when will it end... if there gonna go wild on the amount of gears they should just make one big gear for complete smoothness =]

Commented On: Saab Confirms 9-4X Crossover For Production, Unveiling 'Later This Year'

Motor Authority 1,698 Views 2 comments
i love it =]

Commented On: Driven: 2010 Audi S4

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hahaha i was talking to my girlfriend and she hates audi's because she has realised what clarkson did a bit ago. i hate how the poeple who drive cars can ruin the rep by being cocks!=[

Commented On: Former Bertone And Pininfarina Designer Jason Castriota Moving To Saab

Motor Authority 1,115 Views 3 comments
id love to see a scirocco and c30 competitor a 4x4... i just want something cool and quirky.. nothing boring! saab could do anything they want! exciting !=]

Commented On: First Details On Next-Gen Volkswagen Phaeton, U.S. Market Crucial

Motor Authority 2,552 Views 11 comments
i love that these cheap car brands are raising their standards! i still wouldnt buy one but i like that there will be less crap cars on the road =] one day i think all cars will be a very high standard and the only crap cars will be the extremelly cheap cars like the new indian brand. i just love the effort that is being put into design these days! =]

Commented On: Toyota FT-86 To Be Named FR-S?

Motor Authority 3,968 Views 11 comments
boom. and the sv6 is boring.
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