Video: Alfa Romeo Is Back In Black

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When I was young lad, I dreamt of many a foreign car, mostly of German origin, with names like Porsche and BMW and even Audi, although the Ingolstadt cars were pretty crappy back then even if the Audi 5000 looked sweet. French cars were a joke, and the only Italian cars worth any mention were of of course Ferrari, Lam...Read more

VW Wins Again and Again

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I was just at the Canadian International Auto Show this past weekend, and while many brands really impressed me, such as Kia, Hyundai, Ford and as always Mini, one duo just stood out as being the most well thought out, the most focused: VW/Audi. I will deal with Audi another time, as that is a blog post in itself. No ...Read more

Video: 2011 Ford Explorer Has 'Hart' and Soul

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As I was leafing through a recent copy of Motor Trend recently and reading up on the Chevy Camaro Convertible--a very nice-looking four-wheeled steed with terrible overtones of guys with greased-back hair, or worse, receding hair, or even worse, a comb-over or hairpiece--I hit page 4 of the article, and there it was, s...Read more

Never Neutral: Bullyboy Dodge Beats On Weaklings

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Some brands, and specifically some cars need to keep an image and not really evolve that image for fear of aging and being perceived as wimpy or sissy-ish. Dodge fits into that category more than most brands I know, and the current Charger ads really make an effort to kick sand in the face of other car companies. Even ...Read more

Love on 4 Wheels: the Ultimate Valentine's Day Ride

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Valentine's Day is here, and people all over the globe get suckered into marketing ploys meant to to relieve you of money so you can give it to a retailer in exchange for a heart-shaped gift made in China so that your significant other doesn't tear you a new one for yet another transgression real or imagined. I have sc...Read more