Driving BMW: It’s Not Just Cars Anymore

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 Bavarians, if you ask them, are stubborn, proud, defiant and like to eat pork in all its forms, and swill beer and enjoy life. They are the Italians of Germany. They waltz to the beat of their own drum and frankly most other Germans either despise them or are jealous of them. Or both. The Bavarian Motor Works com...Read more

Ford Focus Therapy: Talk To Doug the Puppet

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Unless you’re a shut-in, or you’re in solitary confinement at a maximum security prison, or the cable company decided to do repairs on your connection to the outside world and curb your on-line gaming addiction - or you’re my dad who thinks everything is horse droppings - you have no doubt been expose...Read more

Video: What Does the 'A' in Audi Stand For?

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Pop quiz: What does the 'A' in Audi stand for? OK, time's up. Put your iPads and iPhones and Blackberries down. If you said it's the Latin translation of the founder's surname, August Horch, then you found the answer on Wikipedia faster than I did. I don't care because that isn't where this article is going. ...Read more

Akira And The Scion xB: Standing Out

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As the news was blaring about the nightmare in Japan, all I could think of was an anime classic film called Akira that was heavy-duty post-apocalyptic and full of crazy motorcycles and cars, among other wild stuff. Then I thought, why think only of the bad and look instead for some good, and in this case, I wanted to...Read more

Video: Mercedes-Benz Creates Automotive Addicts

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The fine folks over at MotorAuthority displayed some of the latest Mercedes-Benz ads that display some fresh thinking on the part of the revered Swabian producers of luxury vehicles, and it is a welcome change. I say this because some of the latest M-B ads have been a little underwhelming. And I mean that in the nice...Read more