BMW To Enter DTM in 2012

Motor Authority
After months of speculation the German manufacturer has finally confirmed that it is going to take part in the DTM starting from 2012. BMW announced it intended to return to the Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters in April this year, but has since been negotiating with DTM chiefs, Audi and Mercedes over the future regulations...Read more

Chrysler To Debut The New 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee

The Car Connection
With more than a year having passed since its unveiling, Chrysler has begun production of the new 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee, which will hit the market in a little while, with the first cars set to arrive at dealers in June. Although the general look of the car is similar to the previous generation, there are major chang...Read more

Bugatti Experiments With All-Electric Supercar Based on Audi E-Tron

Green Car Reports
Bugatti, the automaker that gave us the Veyron--the world's fastest and most expensive series production car--may be set to revolutionize the car industry once again. Bugatti's engineers are now experimenting with an electric powertrain that can deliver 800 HP. Benefiting from the experience of engineers within Volksw...Read more

Audi A8 Goes Wireless

Motor Authority
A new option has appeared on the A8 option list. It's a wireless Internet connection provided by a WLAN  hot-spot installed in the car, which is capable of managing up to eight connections at a time from iPads, notebooks and netbooks. The connection is protected via the WPA2 encryption standard, which Audi considers ...Read more

Most Attractive German Car: 2010 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG

Motor Authority
In a poll by German car magazine AutoBild, Germany's largest automotive publication and in which about 100,000 readers had the opportunity to express their view on the country's most attractive car, the 2010 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG took first place. The super-sport model won the "AutoBild Design Award" with 17 percent o...Read more