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Commented On: Coming To Geneva: Range Rover Evoque Convertible Concept

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Does anyone else see the resemblance to a bumper-car? The low profile and round front? Why not just offer the Evoque with an active panoramic sunroof, instead of the fixed roof? Perhaps three or four panels that open up to your desired sky exposure?? A convertible isn't necessary, Land Rover.

Commented On: Forbidden Fruit: BMW's 640d xDrive Coupe

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Perhaps, if BMW smarts up, they'll add this technology to the 6-series Grand Coupe. It would put it right up there with the CLS 4Matic, and make it more accommodating to (privileged) families.

Commented On: New Details On Chrysler's Alleged Barracuda Comeback

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I believe in terms of a Mustang and Camaro competitor, Chrysler needs to launch this Barracuda, but I do believe that Challenger put up a damn good fight. If Chrysler were to keep their investment in the Challenger, they would need to throw in a bit more technology to keep it on-par with both of its lead competitors. With the AWESOME LED taillight design in the Charger, the Challengers would need something as unique. A convertible variant would be necessary. I'm excited to see this new Barracuda, but I wonder if it's built off the SRT line, if people will choose it over more standards like Mustang or Camaro.

Commented On: Lexus Tops 2012 J.D. Power Dependability Study, Chrysler Comes Last

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Honda/Acura is not in the top 10? Uh Oh....well, I still have my 2001 Accord Coupe EX, purrs like a kitten. It may not perform like it used to, but still looks gorgeous and looks immaculate. This is a shock that they're not there. Also where is BMW, or Nissan/Infiniti?

Gosh...I was really hoping that "Runaway Camry" story would've taken a big hit out of Toyota...shucks

Commented On: Nissan Hopes You'll Accept Its Invitation

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With all of it's technology, I wouldn't be surprised if this model made its way into the arms of Infiniti, or at least the platform.

Commented On: 2013 Buick Encore New Teaser: 2012 Detroit Auto Show

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Hasn't it been noted that the Encore is just a more luxurious Equinox? Much like what sent GM down the path of bankruptcy...the duplication and re-branding of the same model. Still confused how the Encore will differentiate from the GMC Terrain. I was under the idea that GMCs were virtually more luxurious Chevys. Why is a Buick version necessary?

The Acadia and Enclave are virtually the same vehicle, along with the less luxurious (until optioned out) Traverse.

I fit in the category that Buick is trying to coerce into the Encore, yet I happen to like the styling of the Equinox more. The Terrain's styling needs to be a little less "boxy" with its square fenders and oddly styled rear.

Commented On: Saab Files For Bankruptcy: Official

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It's upsetting to see the road Saab took to get here. So much struggle to stay afloat, and alas they didn't make it. It's sad and discerning to know that GM had this planned out. They knew they could veto any and all attempts to keep Saab afloat, and only sold it to Sypker to make a quick profit.

Commented On: 2012 Honda CR-V Spy Shots

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The rear is easily confusable with an Volvo XC90...perhaps that was their idea?

Commented On: GM Won't Allow Saab's Sale To The Chinese

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It's just so disappointing that Saab tried so hard to rebuild what GM destroyed. GM is also afraid of what the Chinese will gain by this purchase. I'm agreeing with you davidturnedge. GM should've considered this before thoroughly devastating the brand.

I do NOT believe GM should have any say in the purchase. Sadly, I'm not a legal professional so whether there was specific rules in the contract Spyker signed, I don't know. But GM remains the bully in this situation, and I doubt Saab will be able to pull a rabbit out of a hat.

Commented On: Will GM Shoot Down Saab's Deal With The Chinese?

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I just cannot believe after all the work Saab has done to just keep themselves above water, GM can just come and shut them down...GM is a bully.
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