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Commented On: NTSB Suggests Alcohol Detection Systems On All New Cars

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One question here: would a system prevent the impared driver from driving at all, or would it allow for mobility under reduced circumstances? I like the second type that would analyze the drivers 'jerky' steering and pedal activity, which would detect, in addition to drunks, other impared drivers (pot heads) and slow them down, too.

Breatalyzers can be overcome with a cooperating sober (stupid) copilot.

Commented On: Aging Boomers Won't Wreck America's Roads: Here's Why

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Oops - pressed POST too soon. I did not really want to live past age 55 because then high-G driving was a no-no.

Commented On: Aging Boomers Won't Wreck America's Roads: Here's Why

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When I first became an auto safety engineer (1965)0 data indicate that driver-adulthood began at age 25 - generally after the stabilizing influence of marriage. I confess that it worked for me. Now the data seems to say that has risen to ~30.

I believe that the overall improvement, especially for seniors, is because they can afford to buy cars with newer crash-avoidance and crash-survival features.

When I began crash testing, a ten-mph run into a concrete barrier was considered surely fatal. Today the driver should be able to walk away from a 30 mph hit. Crash fires are now exceedingly rare (except on TV).

I am now 82+ years old and I won't deny that my abilities have gone bad. But, when I started, I did not really want to live

Commented On: GM Plans To Make 500,000 Electrified Cars A Year By 2017

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Please hve a look at the Prius data. Like the Volt, it will run a short distance at low speed on battery power alone. Then the engine kicks in to "extend the range". GM is just playing with words to make their two mode car sound different. It is different only in details.

Commented On: As Cars Get Stronger, Jaws Of Life Have To Be Tougher

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Some of you know me as a Crash Scene Investigator, beginning in 1965. When I moved to Albuquerque NM for retirement, I was honored to be invited to a demonstration like this, held at a very large "junk yard". Fire fighters, Police and EMTs from all over the state came to see the latest equipment and tools, just like the ones shown above. The whole fraternity of tool-makers ans first-responders work together without much credit. We owe them.

Commented On: Teen Texter In Massachusetts Guilty Of Vehicular Homicide

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I agree with you. In my case, the phone's Caller-ID gives me a clue. Then I can ignore the call and put the phone done. At a convenient stop, call back.
Even listening to talk radio can be distracting depending upon the subject and level of host/visitor agitation. What do you think about that?

Commented On: Swedish Magazine Questions Safety Of Jeep Grand Cherokee

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Looking closely at the still photo above, I see that the rear wheel rim is close to digging into the pavement. If that road was hot-soft blacktop, the vehicle would have planted its door handle on the road, too. Tall tire/rim combos on a tall SUV is super-dumb!

Commented On: Dems To Chrysler: Talk To Owners About Jeep Wrangler 'Death Wobble'

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He is right. I had plenty of these cases. Old tires and loose tie rod ends can be part of the steering resonance problem. Unfortunately, new young engineers don't have the experience to anticipate that solid-axle phenomenom.

Chrysler rep Michael Palese admits that there could be a "wobbling" problem with the Wrangler, but points out that all vehicles with solid axles can experience the same issue. He blames the wobble on improperly installed tires and aftermarket equipment.[replacement tires and/or tie rod ends.]

Commented On: Is 'Made In America' More Important Than 'Made By U.S. Company'?

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John - I'm sure that it is easier for UNCLE SAM to convince Americans that our English-speaking neighbors are genuinely part of North America while Mexico is part of the Spanish-speaking Central America. Also, our northern buddies were supplying Detroit long before the invasion from Europe and Asia.It is not prejudice in my opinion - just realism.

Commented On: GMC Models Cost More Than Chevy: Why, And Which Is Better?

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Certainly the value to GM is that the GMC brand of trucks are sold at Buick and/or Cadillac identity stores. Whether the buy gets any benefit? Yes, I recall that many years ago, I had a Corvair 500 that I bought from a Chevy/Olds dealership. Parked next to an Olds 98, my car with a tiny bug, that was worked on last.
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