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Commented On: Electric-Car Politics: Attacks Hurt U.S. Innovation, Security

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these seem to be very fair points. one has to assume that if things like domestic drilling, hydraulic fracturing ("fracking"), moving domestic fuel with pipeline construction, etc should also not be dealt with with similar levels of vitriol. a sane discussion about the costs / benefits (environmental concerns, benefits from lowering imports, etc) should be expected with these issues as well.

Commented On: New Chevy Volt Ad Hits Back At Critics With 'Just The Facts'

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I continue to believe that if the government were not part owner of GM, a portion of the visceral quality in Volt coverage discussions would diminish. IMHO, fantastic GM took a risk and my hope is that the car posts solid sales growth and, perhaps more importantly, provides important technology/learnings for future projects. While timing will be important, I continue to believe the sooner the company can convince the government to sell it's stake (even at a loss), the better as that will at least remove one simmering/under-lying theme driving some of the tenor in discussions about individual vehicles (in this case the Volt).

Commented On: House Hearing On NHTSA, Volt Battery Fire Starts Wednesday

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this is a tough one. while clearly there are political points being sought by Rep Issa, et al, the fact that the government continues to own a stake in this company creates a wrinkle that cannot be ignored. many would be crying foul if an investor in company x was in charge of the investigation of company x. i can almost hear ralph nader right now. while i highly doubt any government investigation's objectivity is swayed by the investment in general motors, the optics are terrible. sell the shares, take the loss, take the political hit on the loss and move on.

Commented On: Matt Drudge's Idiotic, Uninformed War Against The Chevy Volt

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here, here. my greatest concern is the lack of context provided with breathless headlines. i sure hope to see this critical analysis provided for not only drudge, fox, etc but also for huffpo, talking points, msnbc and the like. think there are plenty of context-lacking "aggregated headlines" going on both sides of the political spectrum

Commented On: Third Fire Consumes A Chevy Volt Electric Car: Perspective

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agree that "breathless" coverage is often driven by agendas. here, seems valid vis a vis refuting those with agendas "against" ev's. but, good for those who are frustrated in this case with agenda driven coverage to keep that in mind with other stories on other topics that create "breathless" coverage from "news" outlets with more "progressive" agendas.

Commented On: 1939 Pontiac Deluxe Six 'Ghost Car' Hits The Auction Block

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was there really a period between the great depression and wwii? i was under the impression wwii kind of was the key to getting the u.s. out of the great depression. assume historians have 10 to 100 answers for this one :-)

Commented On: Gas Taxes Should Go Up To Boost Green-Car Sales, Says GM CEO Akerson

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These are great points. Again, my only exception would be the use of the tax revenue. If there was a higher level of trust in the accountability of our governments (national, state, local) to spend responsibly, I would be willing to pay more. However, the sometimes vitriolic debates about taxing and spending often seem to miss an underlying point from some responsible members of the "tax less" crowd and that is that putting more tax revenue into broken bureaucracies / public and private employee unions / etc without demanding massive reforms first seems wrong.

Commented On: Gas Taxes Should Go Up To Boost Green-Car Sales, Says GM CEO Akerson

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in general, i would think higher gas taxes are a good idea (less emissions, get the country less reliant on countries hostile to the us, etc). the issue for me with higher taxes is how they are spent. i am convinced if major overhauls to defense, entitlements and some discretionary programs were made that showed us all real cuts were being made to, admittedly, very popular programs - but cuts that made those programs sustainable - higher taxes would not be quite so toxic (at least not so toxic for a group like me for which higher/lower taxes is not a religion/ideology but more of a concern with waste and sustainability)

Commented On: Ford Starts Delivery Of Transit Connect Electric Vans

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i am confused as to where this one is assembled. thought i saw something the other day about assembly in Turkey

Commented On: Today In Lawsuits: General Motors Is No Einstein. No, Really.

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While the company has obviously had its challenges, I remain very impressed with some of their recent operating results. While the YoY comps are relatively easy, they seem to be moving at lightning speed to try and make a go of it. I am a bit biased - incredibly hopeful they will succeed - I think by most standards they are doing things the right way. When there is so, so much to address/change, I assume we'll see some hiccups. Go GM!!!
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