What is Your Favorite Music Video With a Car?

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While it likely is nothing more than a revelation about my advanced age, I saw a classic Jag the other day (believe it was an XJ6) which reminded me of the Whitesnake, "Here I go Again" video. For any punk who knows 1980s music videos, it goes without saying that this vehicle provided a fantastic dance stage for Tawn...Read more

Chevy Trailblazer - My Family's Workhorse

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While not the flashiest of SUVs in the world, our 2006 Chevy Trailblazer continues to deliver for our family.  Whether it's long drives down the I5 from San Francisco to San Diego or more difficult trips around Tahoe, we continue to be pleasantly surprised by this workhorse.  Appreciate the fact this is not a vehicle...Read more

The cars of HBO's Entourage and Hung - a discussion

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Talk about night and day.  Watching the HBO shows Entourage and Hung the other evening was akin to watching Alice in Wonderland versus Rocky I when it comes to energy, attitude and, without question, stuff including cars. In Entourage, I was impressed by the 2009 (I believe) Escalade Hybrid and I remain blown away...Read more