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Commented On: 2012 Kia Rio Sedan Priced From $14,150

The Car Connection 0 Views 3 comments
Yes, I see a huge improvement

Commented On: High Gas Prices Changing Vacation Plans, Even House Purchases

Green Car Reports 1,146 Views 2 comments
Them gas prices are too high... Time to go electric!

Commented On: Don't Worry If Your Tatas Catch Fire, They're Still Very Safe

The Car Connection 2,278 Views 8 comments
It's so cheap you can buy two and have one ready if the other suddenly burst into flames :)

Commented On: First Drive Review: 2011 Bentley Mulsanne

Motor Authority 27,841 Views 10 comments
Beautiful car. Wish I could see it more around here...

Commented On: Infiniti Recalls 134,215 2005-2007 G35s For Faulty Airbag Deployment

Motor Authority 3,761 Views 3 comments
A bargain at any price....

Commented On: Toyota Recall: Feds Might Require Brake Overrides

The Car Connection 3,519 Views 11 comments
Can't see how they didn't think about it until now. Could have saved some lives...

Commented On: 2010 Toyota Prius Prices Rise $400 On All Models

Green Car Reports 2,212 Views 5 comments
That's a lot of money...

Commented On: Ford at the LA Auto Show--U.S.-Spec Fiesta Unveiled

Car News Break 1,031 Views 2 comments
That's a nice sounding car there!

Commented On: Men and Women Even Use Navigation Systems Differently Too

The Car Connection 2,870 Views 12 comments
The differences between men and women drivers is a topic that could fill whole books!

Commented On: Chinese market to surpass US

Motor Authority 1,210 Views 4 comments
Maybe it's time to learn Chinese
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