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Commented On: Fireball Run: I'm Going To Race Valentino Balboni

Motor Authority 783 Views 3 comments
Go Go Nelson..!
Show him what I've being working with you on... (not the Linux stuff the other lessons :)

Commented On: Fireball Run Video: High Gear's Camaro SS Passes Valentino Balboni On Track

Motor Authority 5,302 Views 1 comment
Very cool Nelson!!

Commented On: Land Rover Confirms 2012 LRX For Production

The Car Connection 1,713 Views 1 comment
What is the estimated MSRP? :)

Commented On: 2010 Chicago Auto Show: 2012 IndyCar Delta Wing Concept

Motor Authority 6,820 Views 8 comments
It should be great to 'high' speed turns, no? :)

Commented On: Honda Presents Personal-Neo Urban Transport (P-NUT) Concept

Motor Authority 991 Views 4 comments
Wow... nice car.
Where/when can I get one? :)

Commented On: BMW Goes Green At 2009 Los Angeles Auto Show

Motor Authority 3,258 Views 14 comments
Very nice design! :)

Commented On: 2010 Subaru Forester

The Car Connection 109,563 Views 4 comments
How good is it for 'pure' off road trips?

Commented On: 2011 Volkswagen Touareg To Include Hybrid, Launch in January

Green Car Reports 6,754 Views 4 comments
Very interesting.
Do you know if this model going to be like the V6 (=lazy and heavy) or more like the V10 version?

Commented On: Do Hybrids Hit Pedestrians More Often? NHTSA Report May Say So

Green Car Reports 2,165 Views 17 comments
As my friend Carl said: "...I think their study was flawed: they needed to compare the hybrids against otherwise similar vehicles. Limit the variables."

Commented On: HUMMER Sale To China's Tengzhong Official

The Car Connection 3,468 Views 10 comments
So after Tata own Landrover (the symbol of UK proud car industry). A 'little company; from China will own one of the 'symbol' of the off-road symbols from the USA. Where this world is going to? :) I guess that soon we will see lots of brands in the hands of India, China and Brazil.
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