BMW M2 To Debut At 2015 Detroit Auto Show? Nope.

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The BMW M2 has been rumored for as long as the 2-Series itself has been known about, but it looks like it may soon transition from the land of supposition and rumor to reality. According to a new report from Auto Express, the BMW M2 is likely to arrive at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show. However, sources close to the matte...Read more

Lamborghini Huracán Hits 1,000 U.S. Sales, 3,000 Global: New Record

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If you had any questions about the success of Lamborghini’s Huracán as a replacement for the Gallardo—which you really wouldn’t have if you’d read our first drive review—you’ll have none now: the Huracán has officially racked up 1,000 U.S. sales and 3,000 global sales ...Read more

F1 2014 Ushers Turbos Back Into Formula One Gaming: Video

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The world of Formula One changes often—sometimes in large ways, sometimes in small ones. But the world of gaming, and particularly racing games, can change even more incredibly, and more often. DON'T MISS: Watch A Stock 2015 BMW M3 Run 11.66 At 119.24 In The Quarter: Video Here, we see the launch preview of F1 2...Read more

Mopar Offers Sneak Peek At 2014 SEMA Concepts, Includes Viper ACR, Poison Dart R/T

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The tunerstravaganza that is the Specialty Equipment Market Association’s annual show (SEMA) will soon be upon us, running November 4-7 in Las Vegas. Among the first of the major manufacturers to preview its full onslaught for the show, Chrysler today gives us a sneak peek at several concept vehicles, including ...Read more

Woman Wants To Get Paid For Hitting Her Own Car With City Van

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File this one under “You Have To Be Kidding Me,” subsection, “Shaking My Head.” A woman in St. Paul, Minnesota has filed a claim for damage to her car caused by a city worker-operated van. The problem? She was driving the van that hit her car. ALSO SEE: Volvo Reveals 450-HP Four-Cylinder With E...Read more