How The Darth Vader Hot Wheels Car Was Made: Video

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This summer, Hot Wheels unleashed a new life-sized Darth Vader car on the world, and, for the right kind of Sith Lord-favoring car enthusiast, it was utterly impressive. ALSO SEE: Bargain Ferrari Enzo For Sale: May Need Some Minor Buffing Even those not enamored with Star Wars could enjoy the car as a demonstration of ...Read more

Nissan GT-R Hits 220 MPH, Spins, Parachute Fails To Open: Video

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This is a story of disaster narrowly averted. Arriving rapidly at 220 mph during a brutal half-mile run, this Nissan GT-R driver soon finds himself pirouetting through the desert. ALSO SEE: Bargain Ferrari Enzo For Sale: May Need Some Minor Buffing A parachute attached to the car doesn’t bother opening; the car ...Read more

Twin-Turbo Ford GT Spins Up 1,894 HP On The Dyno: Video

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Ford’s GT supercar was a short-lived but much-loved reinterpretation of the Le Mans-proven GT40, and while it’s no longer in production, it continues to have a strong following in the modification and tuning world. Here, we see an M2K Motorsports-built example turn out a monstrous 1,894 horsepower at the re...Read more

2015 Lamborghini Huracán: Best Car To Buy Nominee

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When you say “Lamborghini,” many people, even non-car-enthusiasts, have a certain image—both of the car and the owner. For some it’s the iconic Countach, with its owner decked out in a slick ‘80s Italian suit, driving gloves, and painfully narrow shoes. For others, it’s the Diablo or...Read more

2015 Jaguar F-Type Coupe: Best Car To Buy Nominee

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Beautiful to look at, glorious to hear, and incredibly fun to drive, the 2015 Jaguar F-Type Coupe is a car any enthusiast would love to wake up to every day. But are its charms enough to overcome the highly competitive field that make up Motor Authority’s Best Car To Buy 2015 nominees list? First and foremost, t...Read more