2016 Rolls-Royce Wraith Drophead Coupe Spy Shots

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The stunning, incomparable Rolls-Royce Wraith coupe is still rather young, having debuted at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show. Soon, it will be joined by a convertible variant, to be named the Wraith Drophead Coupe. Just as the Phantom’s convertible version wears the Drophead Coupe moniker, the Wraith’s is sure ...Read more

100-Plus Racers Just Bought Fiat 500e Electric Cars

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If you’re accustomed to the speed, handling, and the thrill of the chase you get with a good car on track, you might not figure an electrified econobox is a good pick for your daily driver. But 80 racers in the San Francisco Bay area would disagree with you. Strongly. DON'T MISS: Watch Kids React To The Tesla Mo...Read more


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Fast cars get a lot of press for how well they go. People are always sticking phones to the seat of their Tesla Model S P85Ds, or laying long stripes of rubber with their Hellcats. But an equally important attribute of truly fast cars is the ability to NOT GO; to stop. To stop hard. ALSO SEE: Angry Supercar Hater Throw...Read more

Onboard With Nissan’s Front-Drive GT-R LM NISMO LMP1 Race Car: Video

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Sadly, the new wrong-wheel-drive Nissan GT-R LM NISMO LMP1 car won’t be making it to the first couple of rounds of the World Endurance Championship thanks to a failed crash test, but it is nonetheless one of the most interesting cars in the Le Mans series running—whether on the grid or off. MUST WATCH: YOU ...Read more

LaFerrari Gets Upgraded Fuel Tank (NOT A RECALL) To Reduce (Completely Not Serious) Fire Risk

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The Ferrari LaFerrari hardly seems like it needs an upgrade, especially so soon after its unveiling, but an upgrade (NOT A RECALL) is in progress. All LaFerraris will be given this upgrade (NOT A RECALL) in the near future. MUST SEE: Watch Kids React To The Tesla Model S P85D's Insane Mode: Video LaFerrari’s feat...Read more