Car Thief Captured After Programming Home Address Into GPS

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So you’ve decided to live a life of crime. You steal cars, and you use stolen cars to go steal other cars. You’re not a good person. If you’re Donnie Jaydon Terry, you’re also not very bright. ALSO SEE: Porsche 918 Spyder Chases Koenigsegg Agera R On Autobahn: Video Terry is accused stealing a c...Read more

Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 Track Tested At VIR: Video

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Flat-plane crank, magnetic dampers, all of Ford’s performance wizardry: the 2016 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 is packing a lot of heat. How does it stack up on track? We don’t know yet for ourselves, but from this video, it looks like things are shaping up well. You might remember we were a bit underwhelmed by...Read more

Seat Belts Are Hard, Mmmkay? Video

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Challenge: don’t laugh while watching this video. Don't worry. You will fail. ALSO SEE: Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 Track Tested At VIR: Video The scene: an older gentleman named Clint is seated in the rear of a car, trying to get out to take a walk during a stop on a road trip. Why trying? Because he’s someh...Read more

Land Rover Launching Heritage Division As Defender Finishes Production

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This year’s Techno Classica is shaping up to be quite the show, with Lamborghini offering up a pair of its one-off roadsters for your viewing pleasure. Now, Land Rover has announced it will launch a new Heritage Division to support its older vehicles. Land Rover’s Heritage Division comes just as the Defend...Read more

Ferrari Shows Off Augmented Reality Showroom App: Video

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If you didn’t pay much attention in geography class, you might not know what Australasia is, but you’ll want to pay attention now. Ferrari Australasia commissioned a new augmented reality (AR) showroom app that lets buyers see what’s under the skin of their new supercars. ALSO SEE: Ford Mustang Shelby...Read more