2016 Ford Focus RS Spy Shots

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A new generation of the awesome Ford Focus RS is no longer the subject of rumors, as prototypes for the car have been spotted for well over a year now. The new Focus RS is expected to be revealed next year and our latest spy shots offer the best indication yet of how the car will look. To date, the Focus RS has never ...Read more

Subaru BRZ Vs. Scion FR-S: Compare Cars

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Your options today are surprisingly limited if you, above all else, want a simple, affordable sports car that's not also striking muscle-car poses. Truth is, there aren't all that many no-frills rear-wheel-drive sports coupes. While the Hyundai Genesis Coupe and the more affordable versions of the Nissan 370Z might suf...Read more

Lamborghini Urus Still Awaiting Green Light, Even As Demand May Be Evaporating: Report

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The Lamborghini Urus, unveiled to both fanfare and criticism, as well as comparisons to the LM002, has yet to become a production super-SUV reality. That day may not come soon enough, according to a new report. Inside Lamobrghini’s Sant’Agata, Italy headquarters, the plan for the Urus is said to still be ...Read more

Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Vs. Dodge SRT Viper: Compare Cars

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If you feel the need for American speed, and demand a voluptuous, standalone sports-car shape to match, there are two options that stand out from the pack: the Chevy Corvette Stingray and the Dodge SRT Viper. Yes, there are plenty of very fast muscle cars that would like to contend with these two, but when it comes t...Read more

Watch A Stock 2015 BMW M3 Run 11.66 At 119.24 In The Quarter: Video

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There’s nothing visually spectacular about this drag strip video featuring the 2015 BMW M3. There is no giant wreck, the engine doesn’t blow up and burst into flames—the pre-launch burnout isn’t even very impressive. But the speed and ET, on the other hand…very interesting. MUST SEE: 2016...Read more