Largest Fleet Of Rolls-Royce Phantoms Ever Ordered Headed To Louis XIII Hotel In Macau

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The largest fleet of Rolls-Royce Phantoms ever ordered is soon to arrive at entrepreneur Stephen Hung’s Louis XIII hotel in Macau. Among the 30 Bespoke Extended Wheelbase Phantomswill be two special examples that will take the title of the most expensive Phantoms ever commissioned. DON'T MISS: Lamborghini Veneno ...Read more

Hybrids? We Don’t Need No Stinking Hybrids. NRE 1,000-HP Pump Gas Twin-Turbo LSX V-8: Video

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There’s a certain beauty to an engine that makes its own power, without the need for hybrid battery packs and electric motors. It’s elegant, honest, and, in the case of this Nelson Racing Engines LSX prototype, mean as all hell. MUST SEE: Street-Legal Drag Truck Sets New Fast Pass Record: Video In this vid...Read more

This 1969 Chevy Corvette Lego Kit Could Be Yours, With Your Help

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Have you ever wanted to build a custom Corvette out of Legos? If so, and your dream Corvette is a 1969 C3, then this kit could be your answer—if you show support for it and get it turned into a production kit. While the C3 Corvette wouldn’t be our first choice (how about a C2 Sting Ray convertible?), this ...Read more

Lamborghini Veneno Roadster For Sale: Just $7.4 Million

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You thought $4.5 million was a bit steep for an extremely limited-edition Lamborghini Veneno Roadster? Well, you were wrong, apparently. Because a (slightly) used example is now for sale—for an asking price of $7.4 million. DON'T MISS: Students Save Prototype Dodge Viper From Crusher Listed on, the Ve...Read more

Students Save Prototype Dodge Viper From Crusher

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Remember those 93 Dodge Viper prototypes that were gifted to a various schools' automotive technology programs, only to be destined for the crusher after Chrysler decided their useful life was over? One of them, donated to South Puget Sound Community College, was the very rare and potentially valuable VIN #004. Now, th...Read more