2005 Ford GT Prototype PB1-3 For Sale, Priced At Just $400,000

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When is a Ford worth the price of a new McLaren 650S and a year's worth of track days at the Nürburgring? When it's a 2005 Ford GT prototype, apparently. MUST SEE: Lamborghini Gallardo Bursts Into Flames At 200 MPH: Video This example, known by the code PB1-3, is the car used for durability and weather testing dur...Read more

Lamborghini Gallardo Bursts Into Flames At 200 MPH: Video

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Italian cars have, not unfairly, developed a reputation for catching fire from time to time, despite sporadic incursions from the Germans. But when they're modified, you can't blame the brand. MUST SEE: 2005 Ford GT Prototype PB1-3 Ford Sale, Priced At Just $400,000 We're not even sure who's to blame here--the physics ...Read more

FTC Comes Out In Favor Of Tesla Direct Sales, Against Dealer-Backed Bans

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The ongoing fight between Tesla Motors and car dealers across the country has spilled from the headlines into the legal system, but so far, the outcome is far from certain. Will Tesla be allowed to sell its cars directly to consumers? Or is there some state interest in forcing Tesla into the dealer franchise model Amer...Read more

Racing Your Mustang Will Void Its Warranty, Despite Line Lock

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The 2015 Ford Mustang holds a lot of promise: independent rear suspension, a turbocharged four-cylinder engine option, and a completely new structure--all huge boons to the sports car fan. But what if your Mustang enthusiasm tends toward the straight strip variety? There's plenty to love there, too, from the 5.0-liter ...Read more

Big Block Smart Car Defies All Stereotypes: Video

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The Smart ForTwo is the butt of many jokes, often for good reason. Recently, it's even become the target of some malicious practical jokers in San Francisco. This is one Smart car that's not taking any guff, however. ALSO SEE: Audi 200 Turbo Tears Up A Snow-Covered Mountain: Video From what we can gather, it's a purpos...Read more