Mercedes-Benz Concept Coupe SUV Debuts At The 2014 Beijing Auto Show

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Chevrolet takes a lot of pride in being the progenitor of the SUV segment, starting with the Suburban back in the 1930s. Land Rover makes much of being the first luxury SUV maker via the Range Rover built starting in 1970. But the world of SUVs has come a long way since those pioneers, folding in design elements and hi...Read more

Jeep Unveils Four New Design Concepts At 2014 Beijing Auto Show

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The Jeep brand has been on a roll of late, pushing out new models at a rapid pace, though the controversial design of vehicles like the Cherokee and Renegade has some questioning the brand's direction. Jeep is committed to its path, however, and at this year's Beijing Auto Show, it's parading four new design concepts a...Read more

Diesel Drag Truck Destroys Track In High-Speed Crash: Video

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If you've ever doubted the might of a highly tuned diesel pickup, let this video put that to rest, even as it plants the seeds of a nightmare in your mind. Rolling coal and accelerating like a supercar, this diesel Dodge slams into a barrier and does a barrel roll that will stay with you. DON'T MISS: 2015 Dodge Challen...Read more

Fast & Furious RC Race, Chase Is Amazing: Video

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Fast & Furious has long been a guilty pleasure for car enthusiasts, made bittersweet by Paul Walker's untimely death last year. But the franchise will live on, perhaps not least in the hearts of its fans--like the fans who made this brilliant remote control race and chase video inspired by the on-screen exploits of...Read more

America May Be Headed Back Into F1 Thanks To Gene Haas

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America has had a turbulent, troubled, but at times successful relationship with Formula 1. Soon, that difficult history may get a new chapter courtesy of Stewart-Haas co-owner Gene Haas, who recently secured a Formula 1 team license from the FIA. Since the beginning, but especially of late, American teams and drivers...Read more