Mercedes to Meet Future CAFE Requirements With Hybrid Vehicles

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Failure to meet CAFÉ standards can result in stiff fines for automakers.  In particular, Mercedes has paid over $200 million in CAFÉ infringement related fines since 1983 and many other companies have been hit with similar fees.  For 2009, CAFÉ standards were set at 27.5 mpg, and number that will continue to rise...Read more

Electric Trolley Draws Charge From the Road

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What if you could charge an electric vehicle without plugging it in?  There has been discussion before about the ability to charge battery powered items without a cable.  There has also been successful devices that do exactly that.  But what about charging something larger than say a cell phone through proximity c...Read more

GM Believes BEVs Will Outnumber EREVs Soon

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Why produce plug-in EREVs such as the Chevy Volt when you believe that full electric vehicles are the wave of the future?  This is a question that GM will have to tackle as even the company admits that battery only vehicles will dominate sales in the future. GM North America President Mark Reuss believes that battery...Read more

Electric Polaris Ranger ATV Changes Backcountry Travel

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Everything is going electric these days including the iconic Polaris ATV.  Apparently even backwoods hunters favor eliminating emissions and traveling through the brush without the racket of a gasoline engine ruining their serene adventure. The electric Polaris ATV moves with silent, swift motions through the brush a...Read more

BYD and Daimler Join For Work on EVs for Chinese Market

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Daimler is a busy player in the electric vehicle category.  From recent news that Smart has partnered with Renault-Nissan, a deal which could result in an updates Smart ED, to Daimler signing a joint venture with BYD to build EVs for the Chinese market, the company is active with electrics. The most recent announceme...Read more