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Commented On: Our Guide To Every 2013 And 2014 Diesel Car On Sale In The U.S.

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@Steve Except your 1990 Honda could not be sold as a new car today. It wouldn't pass today's safety tests and would likely be deemed unsafe. It wouldn't pass today's emissions standards. And its acceleration wouldn't be acceptable to today's buyers, let alone its level of equipment.

Cars of a quarter century ago could indeed get decent gas mileage, but they were much, MUCH lighter. The weight gain has largely been due to vastly better safety, more standard equipment, and improved performance.

That's the context for assessing today's gas-mileage ratings.

Commented On: 2011 Chevrolet Volt Vs 2011 Nissan Leaf: 7,000 Miles Later

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@Perry: Was that the cost of a brand-new Volt? I assume you are netting out the $7,500 Federal income-tax credit, which you didn't realize until you filed your taxes. Does that price also include any other financial incentives at a state, regional, or corporate level?

Commented On: Miles-Per-Gallon Is Just Stupid. No, Really, It Is.

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@Tom Thanks for the good words. That link was to a 2009 bill in the House of Representatives that's no longer live, so I just removed it.

Commented On: November Ford's Best Ever Month For Hybrid, Plug-In Sales

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@Howard Note the dates on this article and on John's comment. He left the comment on December 1, 2012 ... more than a year ago.

Commented On: Mercedes-Benz Diesels And Hybrids: Green Goodness, Slow Sales?

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@Annatar: No, an automatic transmission is not why the R-Class BlueTEC tanked. It has exactly the same powertrain has the GL and ML BlueTECs built on the same production line, and they have been relatively successful.

It tanked because U.S. buyers conclusively prefer SUVs and crossovers to station wagons and minivans. Half the buyer pool appeared to view the R-Class as a wagon, the other half as a kind of minivan (despite it not having sliding side doors). Both categories have limited appeal in this market, with wagons far LESS popular than minivans, and so the ML outsold the R 10-to-1 or more.

Commented On: The New Diesel Cars For 2014

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@Steve Note that the title of the article says "2014". We'll cover the 2015 Mazda 6 diesel, assuming it arrives, when we do a similar roundup of 2015 models.

Commented On: 2013 Smart Electric Drive: Drive Video From NY Auto Show

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@Ben We agree, and very much dislike this annoying practice of "net pricing". We think it's deceptive, as explained here:

Commented On: Does The Tesla Model S Electric Car Pollute More Than An SUV?

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@Michael: Seeking Alpha doesn't make bets. Its various authors do. The site is a platform for differing views, and I've seen both pro- and anti-Tesla articles.

Commented On: New Datsun Budget Car Revealed In Sketches, Eastern Markets Only

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@Johnny: With not one single airbag, I don't agree. It wasn't designed for Federalize, and I can't imagine Nissan would spend the money for that. That's not its role.

Here are some more up-to-date images, btw:

Commented On: New Gas Mileage Rules Will Reshape What Americans Drive: Aerodynamics And Weight

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@Randall Ah, Randall, there you are again.

First, recall that most of the auto companies, the California Air Resources Board, the EPA, and the NHTSA jointly agreed on these standards--under the threat of even more radical action from CARB, which has a legally determined right to set its own standards. That was not in the interests of automakers. The Obama Administration got everyone together in a room & the horsetrading took place.

Second, I'm curious about what you would propose instead. No emissions regulations?

Third, note that 54.5 mpg CAFE ratings translate to about 42 mpg on window stickers.

Fourth and finally, do me the courtesy of at least trying to spell my name correctly.
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