Nissan Leaf Vs Volkswagen e-Golf: Compare Cars

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While the Nissan Leaf is by far the best-selling electric car in the world--as of spring 2015, it's closing in on 200,000 units--it's far from the only all-electric, five-seat small car on the market. Other five-door compact hatchbacks include the Ford Focus Electric, the BMW i3, the Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Driv...Read more

Mitsubishi Gives Up On Sedans, To Make Only SUVs Henceforth

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With the 2012 departure of Suzuki from the U.S. market, the title of "most challenged" automaker probably passes to Mitsubishi. While it's backed by a huge Japanese conglomerate, it's a tiny player in the tough North American market, and has had few new products lately. Now comes news that the company may exit a key se...Read more

Gas Mileage Rules For 2025 Could Be Lowered If Buyers Stick With SUVs

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Thus far, automakers appear to have had little trouble meeting the corporate average fuel economy rules that started for 2012 vehicle and will rise steadily through 2025. The general consensus so far is that carmakers have been able to raise their EPA ratings with a combination of tactics that largely didn't require mo...Read more

Where Can Tesla Legally Sell Cars Directly To You? State-By-State Map: UPDATED

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Every month, and often more frequently, a new story appears about the state-by-state battle between Tesla Motors and auto-dealer lobbyists. In some states, Tesla is permitted to sell its electric cars online, deliver them to customers, and open as many Tesla Store showrooms as it wants. In others, many or all of those ...Read more

Green Car Reports App: Now Available For Apple iPhone, iPad Users

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You've been asking for it, and we've been listening. You want to read Green Car Reports on your Apple iPad, maybe even your iPhone, and you want a native app that runs seamlessly with iOS to do it with Wait no longer: Our app is now here. The powers that be at Apple have approved it, and it's ready to download with a ...Read more