GM's 200-Mile Electric Car For 2017: What We Know So Far

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The arrival of a moderately-priced battery electric car with a rated range of 200 miles will change the entire market for plug-in vehicles. When that will happen, and from which maker, remains open--though the likely suspects are Nissan, Tesla, and General Motors, with BMW as a long-shot outsider. With GM's then-CEO D...Read more

2014 Honda Accord Hybrid Still In Very Short Supply: Why?

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  The 2014 Honda Accord Hybrid received very positive reviews when it was launched almost a year ago. Its EPA fuel-efficiency rating of 47 mpg combined approaches that of the 50-mpg Toyota Prius, but the Accord is a more conventional looking mid-size sedan--a plus for many buyers. Yet sales have been remarkably l...Read more

Cadillac Vs Tesla, Electric Boats, Rolling Coal: The Week In Reverse (VIDEO)

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Do you know what it's called when a diesel trucker deliberately covers an electric car in soot? And how did we get to spend a lovely July day on the waters of Lake George in upstate New York? This is the Week In Reverse for Friday, August 15, 2014, right here at Green Car Reports. Friday, we noted that GM executive Mar...Read more

To Get Hydrogen Competitive With Gasoline: $1 Billion, Cheap Natural Gas Needed

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While battery-electric and plug-in hybrid cars have had much of the spotlight to themselves for the past four years, we're going to be hearing a lot more about hydrogen fuel-cell cars over the next few. And a new study just released by the University of California--Davis suggests that we are "tantalizingly close to the...Read more

Cadillac ELR Not A Tesla Competitor, GM Exec Acknowledges

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Mark Reuss, the head of global product development for General Motors, has acknowledged that GM may not have a vehicle that competes directly with the Tesla Model S electric luxury sedan. Speaking yesterday at a business breakfast associated with the weekend's Dream Cruise event in Detroit, Reuss called Tesla “co...Read more