California Hands Loss To Tesla In Proposed ZEV Credit Changes

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It was one of the thorniest issues facing the powerful California Air Resource Board: Did the ability to swap electric-car battery packs qualify for "fast fueling" incentives meant to prod carmakers to build zero-emission vehicles that could add 300 miles of range in no more time than filling the tank of a gasoline car...Read more

Bentley Hybrid Concept: Preview Of 2017 SUV Plug-In Hybrid System

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As Bentley has been promising for more than two years now, it will introduce a plug-in hybrid powertrain in a future product. Now we know that the first plug-in Bentley ever will come in 2017, in a dedicated version of its upcoming sport-utilty vehicle. That confirmation came as the British marque revealed details of ...Read more

2014 Mazda 3: Gas Mileage Review Of Sporty Compact Hatchback

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Auto writers tend to like Mazdas; they generally perform and handle well, and are far more fun to drive than the anodyne Fords, Hondas, and Toyotas that outsell them in the compact and mid-size categories. The newest crop of Mazda cars and crossovers, built around the company's highly fuel-efficient SkyActiv engines a...Read more

Is Tesla Motors A Carmaker...Or Really A Grid-Storage Company?

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Many among the Detroit auto media were skeptical of Tesla Motors for years, correctly noting just how hard it is to start a car company and build a genuinely appealing product--electric car or not. But as Tesla continues to sell Model S electric luxury sedans, expanding into Europe and China as well as North America, s...Read more

GM To Add Plant Jobs, Invest $450 Million For 2016 Chevy Volt

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New jobs and plant updates by carmakers often get little attention outside the towns involved, but sometimes they telegraph information about future models. The Detroit News said Saturday that GM is expected to announce it will update its Detroit-Hamtramck assembly plant, spending $450 million and adding 1,400 new jobs...Read more