Tesla Model S: The Electric Car For 'Mistresses', Apparently

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Most buyers of expensive luxury sedans are men, and most Tesla Model S electric car drivers seem to be men too. There are notable exceptions, of course, including NASCAR ARCA-series racer and self-described "vegetarian hippie chick" Leilani Münter. But now, apparently, the fast, sleek, expensive, and fashiona...Read more

Battery Maker LG Chem: Biggest Electric-Car Winner Of All?

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Let's say your company builds a crucial, high-volume component for advanced-technology vehicles. Suppose it emerged this week that you've now got contracts to supply two of the world's three biggest automakers. That would put you in a good spot, wouldn't it? First GM, now VW Group Yesterday, LG Chem said it had secured...Read more

Prototype Electric Saab 9-3 EV Revealed By Struggling Owner NEVS

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After Saab Automobiles vanished from the U.S. market three years ago, the bankrupt remains of the Swedish brand and its factory in Trollhattan were bought by a Chinese company. Its goal was to recast Saab as a maker of electric vehicles, and this week Swedish engineers presented a prototype of a Saab 9-3 running entire...Read more

Why Green Car Reports Writes About Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Cars

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It would seem pretty obvious that a site called Green Car Reports would cover zero-emission vehicles that will soon go on sale from major global automakers. But cars powered by hydrogen fuel cells turn out to be as controversial as plug-in electric cars, albeit for different reasons--and among different constituencies....Read more

First 2014 Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive Sold Last Month

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Last month, 41 Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive hatchbacks were delivered to their owners, marking the first month of sales for the first battery-electric vehicle from the German luxury maker. The official first buyer, Kim Price, lives south of Los Angeles in Mission Viego; she's been a Mercedes driver for 15 years...Read more