Will GM Offer A Five-Seat Hybrid Or Volt To Target Prius V, Ford C-Max?

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With the anticipated launch of the revised 2016 Chevrolet Volt range-extended electric car now less than a year away, expectations are that it will be a compact hatchback similar to the current model. Whether it has four or five seats remains up in the air, though the addition of a fifth seat would clearly bring more b...Read more

Oklahoma Adds Fee For Homes To Connect Solar, Wind Power To Grid

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Renewable-energy advocates have cranked up the outrage machine at a surcharge imposed by Oklahoma on homes that connect rooftop solar panels or wind-turbine generators to the grid. Ten days ago, the Oklahoma House passed S.B. 1455 without debate, and Governor Mary Fallin is expected to sign it. The bill provides that b...Read more

In Effort To Sell RAV4 Electric SUVs, Toyota Puts 'Cash On Hood'

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The all-electric Toyota RAV4 EV, even with its Tesla-designed powertrain, isn't exactly flying out of dealerships. While it's a low-volume compliance car sold to meet California regulations, Toyota still has to move 2,600 of them over a three-year period that began in September 2012. So Toyota is doing what all carma...Read more

EPA Resets Ethanol Rules To Reflect Reality: Cellulosic Sources Don't Exist

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For many months now, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has faced a dilemma: What to do about its rules that millions of gallons of cellulosic ethanol be blended into the U.S. gasoline supply. Now, The Detroit News reports that the agency has decided to accept reality: Supplies of that fuel simply don't exist, so...Read more

'Tree Huggers Don't Buy Luxury Cars,' Says Cadillac Exec On Electric Cars

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So what IS a "tree hugger," anyway? According to a Cadillac executive quoted in The Detroit News a week ago, it's someone who never buys luxury cars. That phrase leaped out at us from an otherwise pro forma article in which General Motors executives said the company's sales hadn't been affected by the ongoing ignition-...Read more