Natural-Gas Stepchildren, Iron Butt Record, Has Tesla Beaten Dealers? Today's Car News

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If you've never heard of the Iron Butt Assocation, you may not be a motorcycle rider--but you'll be interested in the first electric bike rider to win the honor. Plus a crack in the dealer opposition to Tesla Motors, and some encouraging news on wind and solar energy. All this and more on Green Car Reports. What happen...Read more

Some Solar, Wind Power Competes With Natural Gas Without Incentives: Study

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Fossil fuels have been an integral part of the industrialized world since it began 250 years ago. While renewable, carbon-free energy sources have long been viewed as the ideal solution, they were always more expensive than pumping carbon into the air. That may now have changed, according to a new analysis from Lazard ...Read more

Tesla 'Will Prevail In All States' Against Dealer Lawsuits: Dealership Commentator

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Have we just seen the first crack in the facade of auto-dealer opposition to Tesla Motors selling cars directly to retail buyers? An opinion piece in auto-industry trade journal Ward's Auto concludes with the following remarkable sentences: We can keep Tesla busy defending what are basically nuisance suits. But it will...Read more

Natural-Gas Vehicles: Honda, Chevy Are 'Neglected Stepchild' Among Green Cars

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Diesels seem likely to gain U.S. market share in light trucks and SUVs, hybrids are at least holding their own, and of course sales of plug-in electric cars are rising steadily. Wait...are we missing a green-car technology? As an article in The Los Angeles Times points out, natural-gas powered passenger vehicles remain...Read more

Tesla Model 3 Cost, Mercedes CLA Sales, Plug-In Hybrid Concept: Today's Car News

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There's more Tesla news today (of course), with the electric-car company winning a court battle to sell cars in Massachusetts but facing a grim prediction by one analyst of its Model 3 price three years now now. Plus the smallest Mercedes is flying out of dealers, and a new French plug-in hybrid offers clues to future ...Read more