Nissan Leaf Vs. Ford Focus Electric: Compare Cars

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Suppose you want to enjoy all the benefits of a battery-electric car--the smooth, quiet ride, the strong torque from a stop, and the very low cost per mile--but don't necessarily want people to point at your car because it's unusual looking. That might be enough reason to consider the Ford Focus Electric rather than th...Read more

Nickel-Metal-Hydride Batteries For Electric Cars? Energy Density Can Rise 10-Fold: Researchers

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The division is pretty clear: nickel-metal-hydride batteries are for use only in hybrids--at least those from Toyota, which has used more of the batteries than any other maker by far. Lithium-ion cells, on the other hands, are the only ones with sufficient energy density to be used in the much larger packs of battery-e...Read more

Renault To Return To N America With Twizy Low-Speed Electric Car?

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Four of Europe's six mass-market carmakers have long sold cars in North America. The exceptions, for a quarter of a century, have been the two French makers: PSA Peugeot Citroën and Renault. Now it appears that Renault may be considering a return to the continent, using its Twizy low-speed electric car--and doing ...Read more

Toyota Hybrid Sales Flat In 2014, Honda Up By More Than Half Globally

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With U.S. gas prices having fallen 40 percent over six months, fuel efficiency may be less important to car buyers than it was when gasoline cost $4 a gallon. Meanwhile, smaller crossover utility vehicles are supplanting sedans and hatchbacks in more and more driveways. DON'T MISS: Toyota Racks Up 7 Million Hybrids Sol...Read more

Tesla Gigafactory: New Photos Show Progress On Battery Plant In Nevada

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To be able to build and sell its planned $35,000 Tesla Model 3 electric sedan, Tesla Motors must first build its lithium-ion cell "gigafactory" in Nevada and then test and validate the batteries it produces. But if the latest photos are any indication, work is proceeding rapidly on the huge facility. DON'T MISS: Tesla...Read more