2016 Chevy Volt: Front Styling Teaser Photos, Charging Details Released

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A bit more of the styling of the all-new 2016 Chevrolet Volt has been revealed, in photos that Chevy released from a sneak preview of the car last night for current Volt owners in Los Angeles. The range-extended electric car will be revealed in its entirety at the Detroit Auto Show in January, but now the world can se...Read more

Honda To Loan First Element $14 Million For Hydrogen Fueling Stations

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Honda announced today at the Los Angeles Auto Show that it will loan almost $14 million to hydrogen station provider First Element Fuels to help it build an additional 12 fueling stations in California for upcoming hydrogen fuel-cell cars. The $13.8 million loan will be combined with grants from the state of California...Read more

2016 Toyota Mirai Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car: First Photos From Test Drive

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The 2016 Toyota Mirai is getting a major launch just before this week's Los Angeles Auto Show. It's clear Toyota considers this a vehicle every bit as seminal as its very first Prius hybrid of 1997. The Prius comparisons came regularly during a day of presentations yesterday, and then again this morning during a one-h...Read more

2016 Toyota Mirai Power-Out Jack Could Run Your Home In Emergencies

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It may be hidden behind a fuzzy grey triangular panel in the trunk, but the 2016 Toyota Mirai fuel-cell car offers a novel and innovative feature that could let it power your home for a day or two in the event of an emergency. Toyota executives say they haven't decided whether to offer the power-out capability on the 2...Read more

2016 Toyota Mirai Priced At $57,500, With $499 Monthly Lease

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The 2016 Toyota Mirai hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle will carry a sticker price of $57,500 when it launches in the U.S. late next year, Toyota said today. But while the company will offer the Mirai for sale, it expects nine out of 10 buyers to take advantage of a $499 monthly lease rate instead (requiring a $3,649 down pay...Read more