2010-2013 Suzuki Kizashi Recalled For Spiders (It's A Trend)

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2014 may be remembered as the Year of the Recall. GM's "Switchgate" fiasco kicked things off, affecting millions of vehicles in the U.S. and abroad. Other automakers followed suit -- some due to an abundance of caution, others because improved in-house tests revealed flaws faster, and others thanks to the usual pile-u...Read more

Kickstarter Of The Day: FIXD, A Health Tracker For Your Car

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Once upon a time, aftermarket add-ons were marketed almost exclusively to motorheads. Apart from stereo upgrades and the occasional set of ill-advised Car Lashes, mainstream drivers didn't spend much time looking at specialty rims or undercarriage lights or insane suspension tweaks. But cars have changed, and so h...Read more

The Average Car Loan Is Now 5.5 Years (And Growing)

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Back in July, Equifax revealed that Americans have taken out $902.2 billion in car loans -- an all-time high. But the credit company also told us not to worry, because nearly everyone is paying back those loans on time. In fact, the number of loans in delinquency now hovers near record lows. Then in August, we hea...Read more

Not So Fast, Google: Autonomous Cars In California Still Need Steering Wheels, Brakes

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In May of this year, California's Department of Motor Vehicles published safety guidelines aimed at manufacturers of self-driving cars. A few days later, Google unveiled a prototype of its first autonomous car built in-house. The prototype looked dramatically different from the modified Toyota Prius that Google had bee...Read more

Labor Day Travel Rebounds To Pre-Recession Levels: 35 Million To Hit The Road This Weekend

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If you're hoping to enjoy a quiet getaway over the upcoming holiday weekend, you might want to dial back your expectations. According to AAA, you're going to have a lot of traveling companions this Labor Day -- more than you've had in several years. In fact, based on AAA's projections, some 35,000,000 Americans will li...Read more