Uber, But Not For Alles: Germany Bans Uber Nationwide

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As we've mentioned before, European cab drivers hate Uber. They've shouted, they've protested, they've clogged city streets, but they haven't done much to halt the spread of the world's favorite ad hoc taxi network -- until now, that is. According to Mashable, cab drivers in Germany recently took Uber to court. That co...Read more

General Motors May Be The First To Offer Cars That Detect Distracted Drivers

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Distracted driving is a hot topic these days. Beyond the usual distractions of burgers, babies, and blush, now we have to deal with smartphones, infotainment systems, and a host of other bright, shiny things. Many companies and organizations have tried to put the brakes on distracted driving, from app-makers to cell ph...Read more

Chevrolet, Buick See Improvement In Customer Satisfaction, Others Fall Flat (Or Further)

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For automakers, there's good news and bad news on the customer satisfaction front. According to the American Customer Satisfaction Index, the bad news is that new-car buyers are less satisfied with their purchases than they were in 2013 (And to make things worse, 2013 scores were already below those of 2012.)   Th...Read more

Saab Files For Bankruptcy Again: Who's Going To Save It This Time?

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The long saga of Saab beggars belief. With all the ups and downs and reinventions, it plays like a so-so season of Doctor Who: observers either find it so ludicrous that they stop caring, or they become devoted, passionate fans. Today's unlikely plot twist is no less absurd. Because as our colleagues at Motor...Read more

Can't Afford A $135,000 BMW i8? You Can Still Enjoy Some Of Its High Tech Toys

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Tech gadgets can be big selling tools for automakers (when they work properly, that is). Unfortunately, many of the newest, glitziest gizmos are only available on new cars -- often, new, expensive cars.  Case in point: the BMW i8, the predecessor of which first flaunted its features in the 2011 film Mission:...Read more