Rumor: Mercedes-Benz U.S. Headquarters Moving From New Jersey To Atlanta, Georgia

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Last spring, rumors began circulating that Toyota planned to consolidate its U.S. operations under one roof -- not in California, its longtime base of American operations, but in Plano, Texas. As it turns out, those rumors were true. Now, another barrage of rumors are flying across the internet, and this time, they're ...Read more

GM Ignition Switch Fund Reaches Grim Milestone: 100 Approved Claims For Injuries & Deaths

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When problems with General Motors' ignition switches first began making headlines last winter, there were reports of six deaths linked to the faulty devices. Two weeks later, that number shot up to 13, and it's been climbing ever since. GM eventually started a fund to pay for claims associated with the faulty switches ...Read more

Chrysler Is Dead! Long Live FCA US LLC!

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In 2009, the auto industry was in turmoil. The global economy was falling apart, car sales had cratered, and the U.S. and Canadian governments had launched an audacious, contentious plan to bail out two of Detroit's biggest automakers, General Motors and Chrysler. ALSO SEE: GM Ignition Switch Fund Reaches Grim Mileston...Read more

Jaguar Land Rover Tests 'Transparent' Pillars & 'Ghost Car' Navigation (Video)

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No question about it: modern technology has made cars much safer. Advancements like seatbelts, airbags, and electronic stability control have improved the odds that we'll survive a collision to drive another day and forced fatality rates to all-time lows. ALSO SEE: Why The 2015 Nisan Murano's 'Gearless' CVT Feels Like...Read more

2014 Toyota Camry, Avalon Recalled For Suspension Problem

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Toyota is recalling more than 5,000 Camry and Avalon vehicles from the 2014 model year. According to a letter from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (PDF), the recall stems from a problem with the cars' suspension -- specifically, the left-side front suspension lower arm -- which could increase the ris...Read more