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Commented On: 30 Days Of Audi Allroad: Five Things We Don't Like

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Hi Johnny,
The mirror will tilt *only* if you move the mirror-adjustment knob over to the right side during reverse. Frankly, it's a minor quibble, and one of the few we could come up with. Ideally, making this 'the norm,' or allowing it to be configured via a menu, would help assure the tilt-down just happens when you need it during a quick parallel-parking maneuver.

Commented On: Tesla Planning Grid Storage As Part Of Supercharger Expansion

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@John, when Musk said they're capable of putting out a megawatt if need be, the context (and what directly followed) was that the system could be used as a grid buffer for power generation, and that they're working with utilities. So a unit of power, not capacity, is meaningful here.

Commented On: Vehicles Under $50k That Hold Their Value The Worst

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On the BMW 6-Series, for instance, Parking Assistant is a standalone $500 option -- and it doesn't complain when it's too cold outside!
For more info:

Commented On: Misers' Models: The Ten Cheapest Cars To Own

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@John, As I look at the data, the Fit didn't quite make it into the top ten for a couple of subtle reasons: One of them is that its gas mileage (by the official EPA ratings) is a step below some of these other models.

Commented On: Ford Atlas Truck Concept Demos Fuel-Saving Active Wheel Shutters

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@John, well put. Those are exactly the main advantages of such a system -- especially in a truck, the ability to provide full brake cooling when needed (when towing a trailer and heading down a steep grade, for instance). On a massive truck like the F-150, 2 mpg on the highway is a big deal.

Commented On: Best Car To Buy: The Honorable Mentions

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Thanks Bill, and definitely a point that can't be emphasized enough. There is of course some subjectivity in our scoring system (obviously with respect to Styling and Comfort, but in other respects as well); the best approach is to read through our detailed full reviews and then use them as a starting point, applying your own personal shopping/ownership priorities (and aesthetic preferences) to that.

Commented On: 2013 Honda Civic: More Value, Less Noise, And Much More Appeal

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Unfortunately packaging isn't going to change to that extent. But we do expect that the next-generation small Honda hybrids will be very different, with much-improved mileage.

Commented On: 2013 Honda Civic: More Value, Less Noise, And Much More Appeal

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Adam, the former base DX model has been dropped, but alloy wheels aren't standard on the new LX base. Get the EX or EX-L and alloy wheels are standard.

Commented On: 2012 Dodge Journey SXT: Driven

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Hi Hector,
The interesting thing is that when Chrysler introduced the Journey, it effectively replaced their short-wheelbase Dodge Caravan. Many shoppers seem puzzled about why minivans have grown so large, and that there's a lack of vehicles that park more easily yet have sliding side doors. A number of people within the industry insist that there isn't any demand for this (the Mazda5 is one of the only vehicles like this), and that people prefer the larger hinged rear doors, but I don't agree.

Commented On: Tesla Dodges Traditional Dealerships—And Questions Remain

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Thanks, Brandy, and corrected.
That reference should have been 'in a single *week*' -- to correspond with the other mention and this piece:
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