2002-2004 Saturn Vue: Recall Prompted By A Different Ignition-Key Issue

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General Motors has initiated a recall for the 2002-2004 Saturn Vue, for yet another ignition-key-related issue—this one potentially an issue when the vehicle is parked. In these models, the ignition key could possibly be removed while it's not in the 'off' position; that could cause a rollaway situation that cou...Read more

Market Forces: New-Car Sales Surge Making Used Cars Cheaper

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  It's been a very strong year—a very strong several years, really—for new-car sales. New-vehicle sales continue to be the bull-market bright spot of the economy, with analysts still predicting annual sales headed past 16 million vehicles this year. July sales factored in as the best for the month sin...Read more

2014 Toyota Sienna Recalled For Potential Rollaway Issue

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In some 2014 Toyota Sienna models, the transmission shift control cable could fail, leading a driver to believe that the gear lever has been shifted to Park when it's not—and potentially causing the vehicle to roll away during or on exit. READ: The 17 Most Important New Cars Of 2015 The recall only covers 263 veh...Read more

Fire Risk Prompts New Recall Fix; GM Asks Owners To Park SUVs Outside

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General Motors [NYSE:GM] has issued a revised recall of some 2005-2007 model year mid-size SUVs, for an issue with a short in the power-window switch. The short could result in a fire, and it's potentially severe enough for the automaker to advise that owners park affected vehicles outside until they're fixed. READ: Th...Read more

2015 Mercedes-Benz C-Class: First Drive

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The 2015 Mercedes-Benz C-Class isn't just departure from what the C-Class has been. It feels like a clear break with the past; and that's a very good thing. Too often, automakers are so locked into the mindset of designing a new car to replace a current one in their lineup that they lose sight of the mission -- to des...Read more