Subaru WRX Leads List For Drivers With Traffic Violations

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Are you a ticket magnet if you drive a Subaru WRX? According to a new analysis by, you might be—or at the very least, you’ll be paying the price in insurance premiums for these models’ typically more risk-prone driver profile. One third of all WRX drivers who applied for insurance had a...Read more

2015 Toyota Yaris: First Drive

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The 2015 Toyota Yaris is one of the better-looking subcompacts on the market; yet in too many respects—especially from the driver's seat—it feels like a small car from another era. Putting it tersely—after driving several versions of it this past week, on the mostly leisurely roads of the Big Island o...Read more

2015 Volkswagen Jetta Does Better, Earns Top Safety Rating

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Last week the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety gave its top accolade to the 2015 Volkswagen Jetta—after the Jetta aced a retest in one particularly demanding area. And that now makes it one of the safest compact sedans if you shop by the ratings. While the 2015 Volkswagen Jetta hasn't yet been updated with...Read more

2015 Toyota Camry: First Drive

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“Can't the Camry look a little more exciting?” To paraphrase chief engineer Monte Kaehr, that was a message so commonly heard in focus groups with owners of current 2012- and 2013-model-year Camrys—when they were asked what single thing they’d like to change about their cars—that it rose ...Read more

Mercedes S-Class Plug-In Driven, Nissan Batteries, Kia Soul EV: The Week In Reverse

Green Car Reports 3,565 Views
We test a plug-in version of the largest, most luxurious Mercedes sedan, wonder if Nissan is charting a change in the direction of its battery sourcing, and get some of the numbers that matter for the Kia Soul EV. This is The Week In Reverse for Friday, September 19, here at Green Car Reports. A plug-in hybrid version...Read more