Infotainment Woes, Corvette Recalled, Best Car To Buy Nominees: The Week In Reverse

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New-car reliability faces the blue screen of death, and it’s not pretty. You probably worry about your car too much, but not enough about your credit score. And what’s the best car to buy? There’s a little bit of everything here in The Week In Reverse, for Friday, October 31, right here at The Car Con...Read more

2015 Honda Fit: Best Car To Buy Nominee

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Urban commuters, you're looking at one of the best picks in a lean, space-conscious and fuel-efficient small car. If your priorities include maneuverability, versatility, value, and pretty much everything practicality-related, then the 2015 Honda Fit is one that you really must include—one of our highest-rated s...Read more

2015 Ford Mustang: Best Car To Buy Nominee

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A completely new Mustang doesn’t come along very often. In fact, in 50 years of the original pony car, there have only been five generations until now. They’ve each signaled significant change, and the new sixth-generation model that makes its debut for 2015 is no exception. The 2015 Ford Mustang does more...Read more

2015 Ford F-150: Best Car To Buy Nominee

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Ford has a lot of momentum with the F-150, the best-selling vehicle in America for decades. So we think it courageous and to be admired that the automaker isn’t just aiming for continued evolution with its redesigned 2015 F-150. It’s shooting for a higher target in efficiency and performance—and from...Read more

Toyota i-Road Electric City Car: Here's How It Leans

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Toyota might not be planning to invest in a mainstream electric vehicle for the U.S. anytime soon, but now, globally, it has this oddity: the i-Road. As we caught last month in this demonstration at the Paris Auto Show, the i-Road is driven at the front wheels by twin 2-kW electric motors, and steered at the rear whee...Read more