Lovefest: Tesla Model S Owners More Likely To Recommend The Brand

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While Tesla Motors continues to fight it out on a state level with dealership groups—most recently gaining ground in Georgia but getting shut out in West Virginia—one thing is for sure about the automaker's product: The Tesla Model S is, again and by far, the most-loved vehicle in the U.S. The Tesla Model ...Read more

Subaru Legacy Vs. Honda Accord

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If your aim is to buy one of the best designed, best engineered, most fuel-efficient mid-size sedans on the market, then the Honda Accord and Subaru Legacy are two of our top-rated sedans here at The Car Connection. These are two models you shouldn’t miss as a sedan shopper. Both offer families—and comfort-...Read more

Why Volvo Is Going Touch-Screen, But Skipping Capacitive Tech Entirely

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Volvo’s new Sensus Connect Touch system in the 2016 Volvo XC90 is one of this year’s great breakthroughs in vehicle interfaces. While it borrows much of the look and feel of its menus from tablets—especially Apple’s iOS in its iPhone and iPad—it’s definitely not the way that we woul...Read more

Ford Feature Can Limit Your Speed According To Signs

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Ford Motor Co. [NYSE: F] has revealed a system that may help prevent unintended speeding—and, in some cases perhaps, speeding tickets themselves. ALSO SEE: Tesla Wins In Georgia, Loses In West Virginia Intelligent Speed Limiter, a function that’s on the way to market in some of the automaker’s Europe...Read more

Volvo Project Aims To Make 'Roam Delivery' Easier Than Home Delivery

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Do you have issues with home package delivery? What if you could simply get deliveries tucked neatly into your car? The automaker Volvo is working on that. It cites 2013 data, noting that 60 percent of those shopping online have, and that home delivery in general places additional time constraints—and thus stres...Read more