Ford Just Received An Array Of Patents For Autonomous Vehicle Technology

Motor Authority
The Ford Motor Company [NYSE:F] unveiled its Smart Mobility Plan earlier this year and it's proceeding full steam ahead towards autonomous vehicle research. Looking at some patents that were published yesterday we can get an idea of some of the interior design and safety aspects the automaker is working on. The patents...Read more

Polish Supercar Manufacturer Arrinera Promises Launch Of Hussarya By Late 2016

Motor Authority
The Arrinera Hussarya has been in the works since 2011 and a running version was unveiled last month at the Poznan Auto Show in Poland. The manufacturer has received some criticism due to extended development of the project but we may be seeing the model out on the streets by the end of next year. Arrinera Automotive i...Read more

BFGoodrich Baja Tire Test Shows What Tough Really Means

Motor Authority
Baja California has a way of putting everything into perspective. Concepts like "durability" and "difficulty" stand in stark relativity to the brutality of the region’s rocks, ravines and—in my particular experience—rain. MUST SEE: This UPS-Loving Kid Gets His Dream Ride, Grows Hearts Three Sizes: Vid...Read more

The Best Car Movies Of All Time: Motor Authority Readers Choose 14* Favorites

Motor Authority
This week marks the premiere of Need For Speed, Disney's videogame-based Aaron Paul vehicle. For months, we've been hoping to add another great car movie to our mental database of must-sees. Looks like we'll be waiting a while. The reviews of N4S:TM have not been good. So, instead of wasting time at the 24-plex this we...Read more

The Most Beautiful Cars of 2013

The Car Connection
What makes a car beautiful? Sometimes it's undeniable--a lissome look, a crushworthy stance, a peerless cabin. In other cases, it's a purity of form that's as close to ideal as possible, given the chosen duty. We define it both ways at The Car Connection. As we review more than 250 new vehicles every year, we rate them...Read more