The Best Car Movies Of All Time: Motor Authority Readers Choose 14* Favorites

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This week marks the premiere of Need For Speed, Disney's videogame-based Aaron Paul vehicle. For months, we've been hoping to add another great car movie to our mental database of must-sees. Looks like we'll be waiting a while. The reviews of N4S:TM have not been good. So, instead of wasting time at the 24-plex this we...Read more

The Most Beautiful Cars of 2013

The Car Connection 27,065 Views
What makes a car beautiful? Sometimes it's undeniable--a lissome look, a crushworthy stance, a peerless cabin. In other cases, it's a purity of form that's as close to ideal as possible, given the chosen duty. We define it both ways at The Car Connection. As we review more than 250 new vehicles every year, we rate them...Read more

2013 Dodge Charger AWD Sport: Winter Road Trip Across Michigan

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by Joe Nuxoll (@JoeRacer) A few days before the Detroit Auto Show, we got invited to beat up on some new Chrysler 300 AWD and Dodge Charger AWD Sport vehicles at Chrysler/Dodge's winter proving grounds far north in the picturesque Upper Peninsula of Michigan. We were to spend the day "drifting" these new cars on their...Read more

The Nine Things That Affect Your Car's Resale Value

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Some drivers obsess on it from the day they drive their new car off the lot--and some don't give it a thought until it comes time to move on to a new set of wheels. Either way, both drivers face the reality of resale value, and it can be either a pleasant surprise or a cold wake-up call. Resale value is something of a...Read more

Txchnologist: Why Are Electric Car Demonstrations So Boring?

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The New York Auto Show, which opened to the public on Saturday, has elicited some barely stifled yawns from the automotive press. The slightly tweaked top-selling Toyota Camry and the Nissan Altima, conservatively styled to defend its No. 2 position, just don’t get the pulse racing like the showpieces of yesterye...Read more