A Quick History Of The Automobile

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From the Flintstones to the Tesla Model S, in fewer than 700 words: The World Before Cars The years before 1885 were The Bad Old Days, if you're a fan of four-wheeled, self-propelled transportation. To get anywhere you walked or rode a horse, perched on a tippy bicycle, or if you were lucky, boarded a steam-powered lo...Read more

Kia Teases New MPV: 2014 New York Auto Show

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The Kia Sedona has been an off-and-on part of the South Korean automaker's lineup for more than a decade. Recently, Kia dropped the Sedona from its lineup for the 2013 model year, then brought it back with minor updates for 2014. Will the Sedona return for 2015? Maybe yes, maybe no. For 2015, Kia says it's planning to ...Read more

Ford Fiesta Vs. Hyundai Accent: Compare Cars

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If you're a fan of small cars with big gas-mileage numbers, there's never been a better time to shop new. Even in the Eighties, the heyday of the Japanese econobox, the likes of today's Chevy Sonic, Kia Rio, and Fiat 500 were nowhere on the horizon for America's drivers. Today, two of the most popular subcompacts on ...Read more

Ford Escape Vs. Honda CR-V: Compare Cars

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The Ford Escape and Honda CR-V are two of the best-selling crossovers on the market. Yet they offer two very different takes on what's important in this kind of vehicle. They're both good for families on a growth spurt, but which one is the better pick and why? It's easy to pick out the ways in which the new Escape ex...Read more

2015 Chrysler 200: First Drive

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Family sedans are mission statements, everything a car company can do well in one package. Just to make it on the family radar, these four-doors have to look good, seat at least four adults, and sport a good track record for safety and reliability. The Chrysler 200 is new this year, and it replaces a car family fairly...Read more