Death List 2015: The Cars That Won't Be Back Next Year

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The best new cars of the 2015 model year are springing to life--cars like the Subaru Legacy, the Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG, and the BMW i8. But what about the walking dead--the cars that are meeting their demise, timely or untimely? Before they're forgotten, it's time to pay respects to another batch of vehicles that have...Read more

Cadillac ATS, Mitsu Evo, New Jaguar Engines, And GTI Recalls: The Week In Reverse

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Cadillac’s ATS sedan is still relatively new on the market, but it’s getting a light update for the 2015 model year. The ATS will adopt Cadillac’s latest crest logo, which comes without the classic laurel wreaths. Models powered by the two-liter turbo four get a 14 percent increase in torque (now rate...Read more

2015 Subaru Outback, Hyundai Genesis Safety, VW and Jeep Recalls: The Week In Reverse

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This week, The Car Connection reviewed the latest Subaru Outback, the outdoor-ready wagon spun off from the 2015 Legacy sedan. The Outback has come a long way—it’s far more refined than in the past, though it’s still not the equal of an Audi Allroad. Where the new Outback shines is at the Premium trim...Read more

2015 Bentley Continental GT Speed First Drive

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Cruising at a cool mile of altitude over a carpet of lush green Scottish turf—Highlands to the left, Lowlands to the right—our seaplane bobbles over some ripples in the wake of Ben Lomond. In a few minutes, we top out at something like 165 miles per hour, not bad for an airborne mutt. The 10-seat plane lose...Read more

Subaru Forester Vs. Honda CR-V: Compare Cars

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Compact crossovers are popular with car shoppers for a reason: they're do-it-alls that can tuck away up to five passengers and some big-box bargains, all with the promise of all-weather traction and tractability. Two of the more popular compact crossover wagons are hardy perennials in this segment: the Honda CR-V and t...Read more