Lexus RC, Fiesta and 500L Recalls, Audi's Self-Driving Permit: The Week In Reverse

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Lexus has a new two-door coupe, and this week we drove the 2015 RC lineup for the first time. Our first take? The base V-6 two-door's a pleasant luxury car, and it could be the best-looking Lexus yet. But performance fans are going to skip over the standard versions and race right into the 467-horsepower RC F, the perf...Read more

2015 Ford Mustang First Drive

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It took all day--a scramble out of L.A. morning rush hour toward the canyons, a thread-the-need operation through a few thousand degrees of hairpin turns and ambient degrees F, a drive-by through a Malibu hotel porte-cochere, a half-hour of stop-and-go traffic. It came down to the last mile of bad Beverly Hills roads ...Read more

Jaguar XE, Mercedes AMG GT, Disco In Space: The Week In Reverse

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Put away the rumors and illustrations--the 2017 Jaguar XE is now reality. The long-awaited BMW 3-Series fighter promises to be a true sport sedan in every sense, with rear-wheel drive, a lightweight aluminum body and initially, an exciting 340-horsepower supercharged V-6 engine. Coupled to an eight-speed automatic with...Read more

GMC Sierra Vs. Ram 1500: Compare Trucks

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Full-size pickup trucks draw some of the most loyal vehicle shoppers of all. But now that the perennially popular GMC Sierra and Ram 1500 have both recently been refreshed, is there reason for the faithful to switch sides? At first glance, the styling race is the Ram's to lose. The latest GMC Sierra has some starch in ...Read more

2015 Lexus RC F First Drive

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At some point in the early 2000s, Lexus approached peak grandma. Cars like the SC convertible and the ES sedan were arguably its best efforts, just when Cadillac was brewing up a revival and BMW putting out some of its best machinery before electronic controls became a generation's voodoo curse. A massive course corre...Read more