Video: GCR’s John Voelcker Live On Autoline At The Detroit Show

By jeff  |  January 12, 2011  |   blog

We told you about Marty Padgett’s earlier studio appearance on Autoline. GreenCarReports Editor John Voelcker made it a High Gear Media two-fer — doing a live segment while walking the Detroit Auto Show floor.

Photo by Joe Nuxoll.

John went mobile from the COBO Center floor, walking and talking with Autoline host John McElroy as they chatted Tesla, engineering and finally, John’s take on how electric car adoption will ultimately happen.  The clip doesn’t get too far before John dazzles with a quick discussion of flywheel technology.  (FYI, no one chats flywheel like Voelcker.)

Check out a clip from the conversation below (it goes a little over 8 minutes).  You can always follow the latest on green and electric cars from John and the rest of our team at GreenCarReports and AllCarsElectric.